One suspect arrested as two escape narrowly

Cows that had been stolen
Cows that had been stolen

A lorry driver was arrested as other two flew while they were intercepted by villagers at Makhese market while planning to load eight stolen cows from Marinda village in Webuye East Constituency.

According to retired teacher Mr. Joseph Walubengo Masoni, he was woken up by the noise of the calf at 4 am in the morning and when he went to check on what was happening he realized that his eight cows were missing and the gate was open something that startled him and made him to raise an alarm and was joined by neighbors who started an immediate search.

He said that when they reached at Misikhu market, they identified lorry tyres heading to Webuye town direction, they took motorbikes to trail it and while approaching Makhese market they saw a white lorry with registration number KAJ 307Q negotiating the corner leading to Nambami they immediately alerted the police of Makhese Police station who together followed the lorry keenly only to get them loading the cows at the nearby bush. Two men managed to escape as the driver was arrested and taken to Makhese police station and later taken to Webuye police station to help the police officers in investigations.

The intercepted lorry
The intercepted lorry

However police had to use teargas to disburse angry residents who were baying for blood for the arrested driver as they wanted to burn down the lorry too but police officers overpowered them and in the process the lorry was hit as it sped off.

Police officers took some motorbikes for Makhese bodaboda operators something that led to demonstrations hence blocking the road.

Mzee Walubengo says animal theft in Webuye East is rampant,  Misikhu, Kamukuywa and Wabukhonyi areas have been targeted and they are asking security agencies  to beef up security since many people have lost their animals in very unknown ways.

Residents decried on the issue of insecurity in Webuye East and Webuye West sub counties and appealed to Bungoma county commissioner Mr. Kimiti to help check on it as they called for the transfer of some police officers who have worked for long in some police stations terming them as lazy who have only rooted in collecting bribe from busaa and chang’aa dens instead of dealing with the real problem residents are facing which is insecurity.

Mr. Job Chelongo, deputy chief of staff Bungoma county appreciated the police officers  for working hard to save the animals and arrested one culprit but said action should be taken and make sure that those who escaped are also arrested to face full force of the law so that can serve as a lesson to others of the same motive.

He added that there must be some accomplice from the said areas where animals are being stolen who are colluding with the thieves and appealed to residents to come out and report any person whom they feel could be a suspect so that they can flash out such characters who are giving people sleepless nights.

According to the Misikhu OCS madam Brendah, the lorry comes from Malakisi area in Sirisia sub county and they are doing thorough investigation in collaboration with colleagues from Sirisia to make sure that all those involved are brought to book, she thanked the residents for cooperating with them which led to the successful arrest of the driver and rescue of the eight cows.

Sirende location chief, Alfayo Walubengo while confirming the arrest of one of the suspects, asked residents not to take law in their hands whenever they get the suspect but liaise with police officers or alert the security agencies as killing the suspect will lead to tampering of evidence as the suspect could help the police to investigate further and at the end arrest more culprits.

Sirende location Chief Alfayo Walubengo
Sirende location Chief Alfayo Walubengo