Oparanya launches rehabilitation of 50kms roads


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Wiycklife Oparanya the Kakamega County Governor speaking in a past event

Kakamega county governor Wycliffe Oparanya has launched rehabilitation of 50 Kms of feeder roads in Likuyani Sub County pledging his commitment on improving road network within the county.

Speaking during the launch Oparanya revealed that his government plans to rehabilitate a total of 600 Kms of feeder road whereby 10 Kms will be rehabilitated in every ward in all 60 wards so as to enable the locals easily access major roads and basic facilities such as hospitals, schools and markets.

Wiycklife Oparanya the Kakamega County Governor
Wiycklife Oparanya the Kakamega County Governor


At the same time Oparanya urged the national government to avail funds for rehabilitation and maintenance of major roads, especially those under the Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) and Kenya Rural Roads Authority (KERRA), to county governments.

“I want wananchi to know the monies meant for roads construction and rehabilitation are still with KURA and KERRA under the national government,” said Oparanya who reported that efforts by governors to have the funds under KURRA and KERRA relinquished to county governments are yet to bear fruits.

Decrying poor state of major roads in his county, Oparanya accused parliamentarians of scheming to return KURA and KERRA to the national government through a motion currently at the floor of the august house, “Which clearly indicates these roads will remain to be the property of the national government forever,” he added.

Oparanya disclosed his government was forced to source little funds by slashing some items from ECD and health vote heads, among others in order to repair most impassable sections of roads in the county.

“Otherwise it would have been difficult for our people to access important basic institutions, especially health and education,”  added Oparanya who revealed Kakamega County  was set to benefit with at least Ksh. 700 million had the funds not been retained by KURRA and KERRA.

The governor said his government required an estimated Ksh.7 billion to effectively rehabilitate her 7000  kms of road networks, “this can’t happen when the total amount we receive from the national treasury is about Ksh. 8 billion each fiscal year,” he observed.

According to the governor, a total of 2400 youths and women, 40 per ward will be employed by the county government and will be charged with the responsibility of maintaining the roads.