Otichillo declares he will quit the ODM party

He said he will quit immediately IEBC disbands parliament

Otichillo addressing parents at the fundraising

Politics in Vihiga county seemed to take a new twist after Emuhaya MP Wilberforce Otichillo declared that he would quit the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party immediately IEBC disbands parliament in the forthcoming elections.

While speaking during a fundraising at Kigunga primary school in Sabatia constituency Otichillo made this declaration saying that when parliament would be disbanded by the IEBC he would quit the ODM party and join any party that the people of Vihiga would tell him to join for his gubernatorial quest in the county.

Agoi and Otichilo having a word

This announcement comes days after top ODM party officials Ababu Namwamba and Paul Otuoma quit their positions and is still not yet known the effect it might have among the Abanyore community who have been voting for the party in the last 2 general elections.

However, Otichillo insisted that he is still in ODM party since it is the party he was elected in to represent the people of Emuhaya and he would quit the party when parliament disbands and not now.

Otichillo further refuted claims that were in one media house that he is vying for the ODM secretary general position that was left by Ababu Namwamba saying that he is not interested in party politics but in improving the lives of people of his county.

“How do I vie for such a position that our son has left after being frustrated by the party? Wont I be backstabbing this community and also my brother Ababu?” He asked.

Sabatia MP Alfred Agoi who was the host showed his dismay towards the ODM party for always doing its best to suppress vocal leaders from this region that seem to have national interests.

“When ANC party leader Musalia Mudavadi wanted to become the president while he was in ODM he was suppressed and left voiceless till he quit the party as that party doesn’t encourage competition from inside. Recently they frustrated Ababu Namwamba till he left the party due ‘fear’ from some quotas.” Agoi said.

Godfrey Owuor the St. Peters Mumias principal

“I want to thank Ababu for quitting the party and apologizing to Mudavadi for decampaining against him during the previous general elections as this is a sign of luhya unity.” Agoi added.

He added that as leaders from western region it was high time they spoke in one voice and have a single leader who they would consolidate their votes and vote for him so as to have a bargaining power.

“During the previous election the Kikuyu and Luo community voted for their respective leaders that were vying for the presidential seat unlike the people from western where each candidate got votes from including little known Abdouba Dida.”

This remarks were echoed by Otichillo who said that he was fully supporting the move by COTU secretary general Francis Atwoli to bring all leaders from western region together and choose one flag bearer saying that it was the only way that would make this community a strong force in the upcoming general elections.

Agoi requested people to vote for Mudavadi in the coming general elections as he symbolized a unifying figure.”Mudavadi is our son we like or not and whether he has defaults we need to support him.”

Otichillo encouraged the youth of this region to apply for their identity cards as a large number of youth didn’t have them and also appealed for those who had not picked their identity cards to do as soon as possible so that they could have a voice in determining who becomes the next leader in the country and also county.

From left Principal of Igunga girls and a colleague havimg a chat

Earlier while addressing parents and students at Igunga girls during the annual general meeting and price giving day Agoi asked the parents to support their children in education so that they can have better lives in future and also support the school so that it can be a centre of excellence.

He thanked the community for supporting the school fully for a very long time and requesting the form 4 students to place the school in the limelight in the forthcoming national examinations later in the year.

He encouraged the girls to maintain high level of discipline in the school so as they can be able to build for themselves a better future.

He further had a fundraising at the school for the endowment fund which would support needy students in the school that had challenges in paying school fees so as to avoid them being sent home