Over 65,000 land title deeds lying uncollected in Kakamega county


Over 65,000 title deeds are lying uncollected from the Kakamega County Land Registrar’s office, County Executive Committee Member for Land, Housing, Urban Areas and Physical planning Robert Kundu Makhanu has said.

Speaking in Likuyani Sub County, Makhanu wondered why the title deeds were lying in offices without being collected by the owners who would have used the document to acquire loans in a bid to improve their wellbeing.

“It is strange that thousands of people applied for the land’s ownership documents and failed to collect them,” said Makhanu.

He urged residents to collect their title deeds while adding that they will not be charged any money while calling on those who applied for the documents to check with the lands registrar’s office on the status of their applications.

The CEC further observed that they will remove brokers who have been interfering with operations at the lands office saying many people had fallen victims to the deceit of the brokers and lost their money.

“One way to hasten operations at the lands office is to remove brokers who have been disturbing residents seeking help at the office,” Makhanu noted

He also vowed to lead crackdown on fake land surveyors who have been conning unsuspecting residents.

Meanwhile, Makhanu has disclosed there are plans to move land services close to residents by opening two new offices in the county.

He said one office will be opened in the Northern region of the county while another will be opened in the Southern region to save resident’s cost and time wasted travelling to Kakamega to seek land services.