Over ten thousand candidates to sit their KCSE national exams in Nandi

Students sitting for KCSE exams
Students sitting for KCSE exams

As the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examination is slated to start tomorrow, over ten thousand candidates are expected to sit their 2020 exams in Nandi.

According to the Ministry of Education Nandi, a total of 17,993 registered KCSE candidates among which 8,925 are boys and 9,068 girls will sit their examinations in 248 examination centers across Nandi.

The ministry has confirmed that all the preparations for the examinations have been accomplished including beefing up of security and standby vehicles for ferrying of the exams adding that all is set for Friday.

On Thursday, the candidates will be taken through rehearsals (names verification) in preparation for the examination kick-off countrywide.

The Ministry of Education has urged candidates to exercise dignity and high standards of discipline during the exercise and avoid any irregular attempts in order for them to in a safer place.

The total number of KCSE candidates and examination centers from each sub-county in Nandi is as follows:

Sub-counties     No of Centers           Boys       Girls      Totals
Tindiret                    33                    1084      937        2021
Chesumei                 47                    1582     1535       3117
Nandi Central           30                    1272      1616      2888
Nandi East               30                    1191       825       2066
Nandi South             48                    1655      1863      3518
Nandi North             60                     441       2242      4383