Panic in Mt Elgon villages as residents fear Hepatitis B outbreak

The family (pictured) of the deceased has been shunned by neighbors
The family (pictured) of the deceased has been shunned by neighbors

Residents of Kipsoen and Kamuneru villages in Mt Elgon are living in fear after a woman died of Hepatitis B and five others are said to be infected with the deadly disease. Gladys Kirong, the mother of the late Ednah Khisa said her daughter had been married in Uganda for the last ten years and when she came visiting in April she started complaining of stomachache and taken for medication at the Kamuneru dispensary but did not get better.

She said they were not sure of her illness in the first place and could not apply the cautionary measures for those who were not affected yet, saying they only learned of it after she had passed away. She added that neighbors are now living in fear and they do not want to get in contact with them, even extending a handshake.

The residents are now calling upon the government to intervene by administering vaccines if possible and sensitizing them on how best they can avoid contracting the disease. At Kamuneru dispensary, residents had flocked the facility to get tested and called upon the government to  deploy more health officers to address the situation saying many people are contemplating migrating to other areas.

However, officers from the ministry of health said a comprehensive report regarding the situation will be issued soon.