PanPaper Mill handed over to the investor

Bungoma governor Ken Lusaka handing over the PanPaper mill to the private investor who bought it

It is now on record that the private investor who is going to revive PanPaper mill in Webuye Mr. Jaswant Rai has moved to the site to start the process immediately.

Speaking during the handing over meeting in Webuye, Rai said that he will do everything possible to make sure that the first phase is operational.

“I know the task ahead of me is not easy, as you can see the state the machines are in, most of the assets around are worn out others rusted and will need replacement, but I am doing what I can to see that the machines start working those that require replacement will have to be replaced, I promise the Bungoma people and the neighboring counties that we will work day and night to make sure this machine is operational in the next four months” he said.

Panpaper Mill

He said the process will not happen overnight but was quick to say one line will be operational in four months’ time saying assets like boilers will have to take at least 26 months to arrive so that they can be replaced.

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Rai said he will only produce paper and nothing else, saying he will not pay the debts the company owes anyone saying he only bought the assets for the price he was asked to, so the liability of paying debts is not his.

He called on residents to take ownership of the property, to take it as a family enterprise.

He also assured former workers to get their jobs back as the mill starts to improve.

Bungoma Governor Kenneth Lusaka assured Mr. Rai that as a county they are in full support of his commitment to revive the Mill.

He asked all other political leaders to support the initiative saying they have discussed among other things the plight of residents and workers to retain their work in the Mill.

“I want to thank the President for making sure he fulfills his promises to the people of Bungoma, he promised to revive the mill and we can see it coming, anyone , any politician who is against this initiative is literally digging his/her political grave,” he said.

Panpaper Mill

He requested that the priority in terms of employment should be given to the people of Bungoma and more so those who were working there and still have capacity and ability to work there.

Webuye West legislator Alfred Wekesa Sambu was bitter to leaders who are against the initiative, terming them as self-centered people, saying there are many opportunities to people of Bungoma County, calling them to expand the horizon because of the Mill.

He said many of the youths will get employment either directly or indirectly calling on everyone to cooperate and support.

The county commissioner Maalim Mohammed assured the investor of beefed up security all the time saying the process is unstoppable and called on leaders to support it.