Parents and relatives accused of frustrating sexually abused children cases

Catherine Onyango from the office of director of public prosecution in Kakamega County
Catherine Onyango from the office of director of public prosecution in Kakamega County

Influence from parents or close relatives to drop the case has been cited as the main hindrance to finding justice to children with incest, defilement or rape cases in Matete Sub-County.

According to Catherine Onyango from the Office of Director of Public Prosecutions Kakamega County,  influence from the relatives for the cases to be dropped since perpetrators are close members of the family is denying abused child justice.

Onyango regretted that children are coached not to speak in courts or asked to deny some truths of the case filed in court.

“You parent if you’re coaching your child not to speak in court you’re not helping your child especially if they are defiled or raped,” the ODPP official warned.

Onyango insisted that incest, defilement or rape cases will stick to children’s minds until they are adults and they can’t forget that nobody protected them when they were tortured.

“It’s important for the parents or key stakeholders to assist children in cases of incest, defilement or even rape,” Onyango advised

She said children are not aware that they are protected by the law and it was our duty to make sure children understand their rights and enjoy justice by ensuring they are not denied justice in cases before the courts of law.

Onyango called on the teachers to encourage children report incest, rape, defilement cases to them for they fear to share such cases at home because that’s where the perpetrators are.

“Please teachers if you receive these reports, communicate to the right people which include area chiefs, church or police station so that we are able to help,” Onyango said.

The ODPP official pleaded with the Children Department to find alternative homes for children whose cases are in courts so that relatives, parents do not have opportunities to distort evidence before courts of law.