Parents blamed for poor parenting

Matunda location chief Jeremiah Kibunguchi addressing residents
Matunda location chief Jeremiah Kibunguchi addressing residents

Due to high rate of theft and insecurity among residents in most parts of Kiminini Constituency and the entire County of Trans Nzoia, parents have been blamed for poor parenting and negligence of their duties towards giving guidance to children who are constantly being accused of causing disharmony and destruction of peoples’ property.

Speaking to the residents at Nyasi market in Matunda location, area chief Jeremiah Kibunguchi blamed parents within the area for the negligence of their roles by paying no attention to the misconduct of some of their children which is contrary to the norms of the society.

He cautioned them to warn their children over the bad habits of stealing peoples’ property, walking around the area with sharp objects and attacking of people for no reasons. He told them to share parental guidance with one another and jointly advice youths in the location before they are put behind bars.

Kibunguchi also informed parents over the importance of taking children to school for them to learn values and basic skills that will guide them when making rational decisions in life. He further called upon them to take their children who have completed Kenya Certificate for Secondary Education (KCSE) to Matunda polytechnic for them to acquire skills in various fields of operation.

“Let us make good use of Matunda polytechnic by enabling our children gain skills that will help them perform duties and various tasks to earn income instead of leaving them idle to create problems and chaos in the society.” Kibunguchi stated.

He further cautioned residents to refrain from going to Uganda or having other activities across the Kenya-Uganda border in order to avoid being infected by the deadly Ebola disease in Uganda.  He told them to take measures against Corona Virus by getting vaccinated at the nearby medical facilities

By Andrew Fingili