Parents have a key role to play in digital learning process, says Dr. Mabonga

KICD acting CEO Dr. John Mabonga

Parents have a key role to play in ensuring students access online and digital learning content during the Covid-19 pandemic. This is according to Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) acting CEO Dr. Joel Mabonga, who said parental support is needed to ensure kids keep on track with their studies. Speaking on Friday during an interview with West FM, Dr. Mabonga said that in Western Kenya for example, parents love the media and radios, TVs are popular, adding that they should give their children the chance to follow the studies unrestricted. Apart from the online platform, lessons are being broadcasted on TV and radio, thus improving the reach to students.

He added that parents also have a key role of counselling the children. This is after reports of widespread cases of teenage pregnancies were reported in various Counties, “Now that schools are closed, does the parent know what the child is doing during the day? Who his or her friends are?” However, he noted that children have been exposed to early planned marriages, gender based violence in homes among other issues due to the prolonged stay at home.

He further urged students to study even while at home, adding that when schools reopen, the syllabus will continue from where it halted, “The situation won’t always be like this. Schools will reopen and studies will resume, if you don’t study as expected, there are those who’ll be ahead while some will be trailing,” he said, “It’s key for students to keep themselves busy so that they aren’t left behind.” With the main KICD channel Edu TV broadcasting lessons, he has urged media houses to chip in and also take the responsibility of airing lessons in order to reach more people.