Parents in Lugari urged to attend to immunization appointments

Lugari sub county public health officer Mr. Zachariah Migiro addressing health stakeholders

Parents in Lugari have been urged to continue attending immunization appointments for their children without fail to ensure they are fully immunized against vaccine-preventable diseases.

Speaking during a health stakeholders forum held in Lumakanda, area sub county public health officer Mr. Zachariah Migiro regretted  the low number of children taking immunization in the area since the outbreak of the Coronavirus in the country.

Migiro assured residents that all health facilities in the area were safe and strictly adhered to the preventive measures put in place by
the government and thus they should not fear visiting them for their own benefit and that of their loved ones.

Reminding parents of the importance of young children continuing to attend their routine immunizations, Migiro said it is vital in
preventing outbreaks of serious childhood diseases.

He said vaccines are given to prevent about 10 diseases that have been historically proven harmful to children, causing serious complications and even death, including polio, measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria,
pertussis (whooping cough), tetanus and hepatitis B pointing out that the vaccines are the first line of defense to protect a child’s
underdeveloped immune system against diseases. “We are telling parents that it is important that they continue
bringing their children for immunization appointments and complete their immunizations on time,” said the SCPHO.

The official said that a child who is not fully immunized is highly susceptible to contracting life-threatening diseases and also poses a
potentially serious public health risk to others

“It is our collective responsibility as parents, caregivers and communities to work hand-in-hand with the health officials to ensure
that all our children are fully immunized to protect them from infectious childhood diseases because one unvaccinated child can pose a huge risk to children they stay or play with,”  said Migiro.