Parents in Nandi decry high costs of CBC teaching materials

Julius Keter one of the parents
Julius Keter one of the parents

Parents in Nandi have decried the high costs of Competence Based Curriculum teaching course and hiking of school fees amid the hard economic times thus urge the government to intervene and save them.

Led by their spokes person Mr. Julius Keter, the parents cited that the hiking of school fees might lock out some of their children from accessing basic education as majority are from a humble background and cannot afford to raise such amount of money so they want the government to intervene and come to their rescue.

“Majority of parents in Nandi have lost their jobs and their businesses due to the global pandemic which has majorly affected the economy of the nation, they have nothing to depend on to make a living,” Keter revealed.

They have appealed to the government through the Ministry of Education to consider cushioning parents from high costs of learning to be on the safer side.

They lamented that as parents, have found out that it is difficult for them to afford the Competence Based Curriculum teaching course books following the new rolled out education model as they are urging  the government to consider lowering the costs to favour parents whom majority are struggling with the hard tough economic times that have greatly affected their livelihoods.

The parents also noted that schools are demanding for a zero balance schools fees which they are not in a position to raise at the moment, school principals should give them ample time to raise the fees without sending their children back home.