Parents in Nandi urged to exercise good parenting

KNUT Nandi secretary Stephen Misoi
KNUT Nandi secretary Stephen Misoi

The Kenya National Union of Teachers(KNUT) and the Kenya Union of Post Primary Teachers (KUPPET)  Nandi county Branch officials have come out strongly requesting parents to good parenting to their children.

Led by the KUPPET and KNUT secretaries Nandi County branch Mr. Paul Rotich and Stephen Misoi, the unionists decried high rising cases of teenage pregnancies in the region since last year which has shattered the dreams of many school girls, saying it is due to parents failing to take up their responsibility as responsible parents.

The Duo have urged the parents to be extra vigilant and monitor their children very keenly when at home during holidays period and ensure they instill good morals to them so as to avoid such cases of teenage pregnancies and drug abuse among teenagers.

“We don’t want cases of teenage pregnancies witnessed last year to be repeated again in this region and that is why we ask parents to be responsible for their children when at home,” they demanded.

Over ten thousand reported cases of teenage pregnancies among school girls from the region were witnessed last year when learning institutions were shut down due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a situation which has deemed the lives of young girls.

They have appealed to the Ministry of Education, security and other education stakeholders to consider finding a lasting solution to the problem and ensuring the perpetrators are brought to book claiming that whoever interferes with a girls’ life should be held responsible by the law so as to act as an example to those with such behaviours.

Good parenting focuses on encouragement over praise, consequences over punishment and cooperation over obedience, thus ensures parenting matches the time in which we live in.

Good parenting insists that children should help at home without being paid so that they can learn to be givers and not takers.