Parents urged to monitor children movements

Maraka chief Stephen Ngano

Parents urged to monitor children movements

Parents have been urged to carefully monitor their children’s movement and discourage them against playing near or swimming in rivers especially this rainy season to avoid calamity that may befell them.

Speaking to Maraka chief Stephen Ngano said during this April holidays children should stay at home and help their parents with home chores instead of wandering around and especially playing or going for swimming in river Nzoia that is full to its banks while some of them have no skills for swimming.

Maraka chief Stephen Ngano

He said children have formed a habit of regrouping to swim in the river that is dangerous and asked parents to be cautious about their kids and responsible for their whereabouts.


Ngano said that due to peer pressure amongst them, they are eager to know and try out what their friends can do without knowing the consequences.

He however warned those children who are fond of watching videos until late and those who attend disco matanga citing that the law will not favour them

He said some of them have been spotted walking around till late at night endangering their lives in the hands of criminals

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Ngano however issued a stern warning to those who dropped from school and idling around most of their time without participating in noble projects that may be of help to them.

He said most of them have ended up in chang’aa dens and growing old compared to their years while others have ventured into use of drugs that are affecting their health.

He however advised them to join profitable groups that will redefine their lives, participate in small business or farming activities including rearing of rabbits, chicken, making bricks and other developmental projects that may help them sustain their lives.

With parents whose children dropped out of schools and are able to take them to polytechnics he advised them to do so that they may relieve themselves from the heavy burden that awaits them.

He by so doing they will be safe and the skills will help them compete for available jobs or rather employ themselves rather than indulging in vices that may demean their reputation in society.

For those who have been caught in criminal activities served some punishments and released to join others home, he urged them to use the knowledge and skills acquired from the prisons to better their lives.

He on the same note assured residents that Security personnel are also on the alert to do away with any social vices that may be happening and assured them that all was well.

He urged the residents to utilize the onset of rains by planting on time and getting good harvests that may reduce hunger amongst the people in Bungoma county.

Chief Ngano however asked residents to unite and report any incidences that may cause alarm and work hand in hand with the police to ensure a free and calm environment is achieved.