Parents urged to shun traditional circumcision

The funeral of the late Mzee Peter Malomba Obuya

Parents from the Bukusu community have been asked to avoid participating in the bi-annual circumcision activity as it is a waste of resources.

While speaking to mourners during the funeral of Mzee Peter Malomba Obuya alias “Mzee Kijana” at Ranje village Kandui sub-county, Reverend Pius Lukhane of Kimatuni Parish said that instead of using money and slaughtering bulls to have those celebrations this august, they should sell those animals to educate their children.

This remark comes days after the reverend father sponsored over 600 children to be circumcised through an NGO at his church.

Bernard and Michael sons of the late Malomba

He further challenged the people of Bungoma to emulate the life of Mzee Peter Malomba by living the world better than they found it just as Mzee did.

The speaker of the county assembly of Bungoma David Makali, praised Mzee Malomba as a person who hated bad governance, championed for education and always called on him to meet in several schools just to ensure that students were learning properly and those from poor background are given bursaries.

These sentiments were echoed by Khalaba ward representative Majimbo Okumu, who said that any time Mzee Malomba had a needy child in high school and tertiary institutions he would push him to include the child in the bursary list so that the student does not miss going to school.

Mzee Peter Malomba was a member of the Kenya private sector alliance KEPSHA through the clean cook store association of Kenya and a board member in the energy and petroleum sector under KEPSHA.

He was championing for a bill that is currently in parliament on sustainable energy.

The funeral of the late Mzee Peter Malomba Obuya

His wife Esther described her husband as loving, comical and development minded adding that she had lost a confidant.

His son Michael Malomba asked people who were working with his father on the Green Energy project including agriculture practices to allow him work with them so that they can continue with the legacy of his father of farming, sponsoring the needy and also on conserving energy.

“My father mentored me through my university days and always expressed his views with decorum and never did he mince his words any time I did wrong,” he said.

Michael described his father as a friend, an adviser, a mentor, an opinion leader in the village and a dad.

“RIP Mzee Peter Malomba,” he said.