Parents urged to advise their children

Namwela Location Chief Bramwel Wangwa
Namwela Location Chief Bramwel Wangwa

Parents in Namwela Location in Sirisia Constituency have been urged to advise their children especially during this long holiday season to protect them from engaging in bad activities that may ruin their education.

Addressing parents in Manu, Namwela Location Chief Bramwel Wangwa appealed to parents to be more cautious during this season arguing that innocent children may plunge themselves in unwarranted activities.

“I want to urge parents to take good care of their children, the holiday is long and our children are busy roaming around especially young girls,” Wangwa said.

He said the results in National examinations has been poor during circumcision years pointing Namwela Division as the most affected region in Bungoma West Sub County.

The administrator added that circumcision culture among the Luhya community has really contributed to the increase of teenage pregnancies among young girls, and quite a good number of boys dropping out of school.

He further sounded a warning to children moving around at night singing circumcision songs that he will take a serious action against them.

“I’m warning parents that if your child will be found at night in the name of practicing, I will arrest him or her to face the law,” he warned