Parents urged to embrace CBC.

CAS Ministry of Education Dr. Sarah Ruto (second left)
CAS Ministry of Education Dr. Sarah Ruto (second left)

The CAS in the Ministry of Education state department of early learning and basic education Dr Sarah Ruto has urged parents in Nandi and the nation at large to embrace the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) for their children benefits.

Dr. Ruto cited that CBC has really brought quite good number of changes in the education sector including innovations thus is important because it is a game changer.

Speaking during Chesumei sub-county education day event at the University of Eastern Africa Baraton, Dr. Ruto affirmed that CBC is an excellent education curriculum for our kids as it is a game changer for the individual child, the community and the country at large.


“CBC is a game changer for individual child, your community and our country at large.” She affirmed.

The CAS revealed that as a Ministry, they are training to have competent children who cannot only serve within but also without and that is what is promised and entails the Competency Based Curriculum.

She cited that some parents have raised complains that the program (CBC) is too demanding and very expensive to them citing that where demands are irrational, the Ministry is looking on it but a demand of time for our children is something essential that we have to give to our children at large.

On the other hand Chesumei Member of Parliament Hon Wilson Kogo lauded the government for the support they are giving to various schools across the country for the sake of enhancing implementation for the CBC.

Kogo asked the government to implement the program and put in more resources adding that the curriculum needs a lot of workforce.

He lauded schools in his constituency for posting good results in the National examinations for four consecutive years and  urged teachers to maintain the same strength.