Parents urged to take good care of their children


Parents in Sirisia Constituency have been urged to take good care of their children and give them pieces of advice to stop them engaging in sexual immorality.

Speaking in Sirisia, KNUT Secretary in Bungoma West Mr. Moses Masika said Bungoma as a county has been on spot over rising cases of early pregnancy which has really affected the examination results.

“We are worried as stakeholders according to the Kenya National Examination Council report that was released listing Bungoma County on top in early pregnancy” Said Mr. Masika.

He pointed fingers on parents for relaxing and forgetting their duties giving their children a chance to involve themselves in bad things that may ruin their education.

Masika also urged the county government of Bungoma to shed light on County scholarship especially to parents who have children joining form one, so that those ones who may not have an opportunity to prepare themselves.

“I want to urge the ministry of education in Bungoma County to hasten the scholarship selection process so that unqualified parents may have time to look for fees” he said.