Pastor nabbed selling chang’aa in Lugari


Police in Lugari are holding in custody an African Divine Church Pastor after he was nabbed with 40 liters of illicit brew. It’s alleged that following government’s directives to close churches as one of the measures to observe social┬ádistancing and curb the spread of the Coronavirus, the pastor resorted to selling chang’aa at his Munyuki home in Lumakanda location.

Working on a tip off from members of the public, police officers from Lumakanda police station together with officials of the community policing team raided the pastor’s home where they met resistance from a team of youths allegedly hired by the pastor to guard his business.

The youths tried to engage the officers,obstructing the arrest of the pastor before they were overpowered.

The pastor together with his son were later arrested and whisked to Lumakanda police station.