Pay the aged their dues on time: Cheptais MCA to the National Government

Cheptais MCA Jane Chebet when she met the aged in Chebkube
Cheptais MCA Jane Chebet when she met the aged in Chebkube

Cheptais MCA Jane Chebet has decried lack of transparency by the national government in the disbursement of money meant for the aged especially from Mt. Elgon saying many who qualify for the stipend have not benefited.

In her address after meeting over two hundred aged people from Chebkube location, Chebet said the government needs to come out clear and ensure those who qualify consistently receive the money.

She said many of them due to their condition cannot travel or follow up on their pay hence end up dying without getting their dues.

Hon Chebet also took the opportunity to declare her intention and ambition to vie for the seat of Member of Parliament in the forthcoming general election saying she is up to the task.

She said having served as an MCA for two terms and previously in the giant Kenya National Union of Teachers, she is now ripe to serve as a member of parliament.

However, she called upon other leaders to desist from using propaganda in soliciting votes saying the people of Mt. Elgon need to elect their leaders basing on performance.

She for instance rubbished off allegations that she is the one who championed for the chasing away of residents from Chebombai land which is said to be under forest land adding that it is not true.