Peace urged in Kakamega’s Easter Celebrations

Catholic faithfuls in Kakamega marking Good Friday
Peace urged in Kakamega’s Easter Celebrations
As the world marked Easter celebrations, Kakamega county brethren joined in preaching the gospel of Reconciliation and forgiveness.
During the Good Friday preaching at Friends church Nabongo, Reconciliation was the topic of the day.
Speaking to the brethren, Pastor Albert Ashiundu in his preaching called upon the brethren to ensure that they reconcile any parties that do not see eye to eye since Christ died for our sins.
He called upon families, leaders and various institutions to ensure that they work differently this season ensuring that reconciliation is given an upper hand.
Pastor Albert Ashiundu
To the politicians, Ashiundu called upon them to work in harmony giving quoting a verse in the bible where Pontius  Pilate and Herod the politicians  reconciled following Christs’ Crucifixion.
Ashiundu further called upon the brethren to ensure that they extend a helping hand to the sick, the needy in the society and any other person that need help saying that it is a way of spreading the word of God.
Speaking to the press after the mass, the church secretary Joseph Kefa emphasized on love, unity and forgiveness during this period.
Kefa called upon Kenyans to be mindful of each other and to always pray for each other saying that Christ died for us all and not a single individual.
He said that it is time for everyone to remember the suffering endured by Christ for the sake of mankind and use that to forgive,to help, to love and pray for each other.
Most of the churches in Kakamega held the mass in their respective churches while others demonstrated carrying the cross going round as Christ did before he was crucified.