People living with disabilities in Bungoma fault the BBI report

Bungoma PWDs speaking to the press

Following the release of the BBI report, people living with disabilities in Bungoma County have expressed their dissatisfaction with its recommendations saying they feel secluded.
Led by Adrian Sakwa, they said the report has not captured their representation in the County assemblies as well as in the national assembly and Senate houses, stating it’s unfortunate that their views were ignored.

Sakwa said that their nomination was a guarantee in the houses of representation in the 2010 Constitution and that despite travelling from far to table their recommendations to the task force that toured Bungoma, their views have not been captured anywhere. He also pointed out that the national council of people living with disabilities should be fully recognised and be fully fledged saying at the moment, it is just a department that has no full mandate to fully execute its responsibilities.

His sentiments were echoed by Dominic Simiyu who said they had also proposed that representatives of people living with disabilities ought to be elected so as to achieve fair representation. Wekesa Obama added that people living with disabilities have the potential to be leaders saying they just need to be given an opportunity.