People With Disability appeal to Trans Nzoia County government to consider them

People With Disability
People With Disability

As a way of improving equality and distribution of resources amongst different groups of citizens in Kenya, People With Disability (PWD) from Kiminini Sub-County have called on the County government of Trans Nzoia  and other political leaders within the County to form a framework that will ensure that resources and services allocated to them go direct to their needs.

The squad led by their chairman Joseph Wekesa Nato, pointed fingers to the previous administration for turning a blind eye to their needs since they never received any reasonable support from the government and other stake holders. They also lamented over discrimination and called on the government to create a better office at the County level that will handle their issues appropriately.

The group expressed their hopes and anticipations to the current administration of Trans Nzoia County under the leadership of Governor George Natembeya and other elected leaders for making better promises that had disabled needs covered in their political manifestos. They appealed to the County leaders to create special employment opportunities for them.

“I would like to thank the current leadership of Trans Nzoia County for having our needs met in their manifestos and it’s our hope that this administration is going to listen to our pleas and provide better services to our people by creating employment opportunities to the disabled members of the community.” Mr. Nato appealed.

They further requested the County government to budget and channel funds allocated to them constitutionally through special welfare groups they have, so as to avoid harassment and financial fraud from other offices and individuals at the County.

They further lamented and blamed the government for sudden termination of the funds that were being donated to them by the World Bank. They demanded the government to act immediately and give answers as to why those funds and other National Funds for Disabled of Kenya (NFDK) were stopped.

By Andrew Pingili