Petrol price increases in latest review, Kerosene cost unchanged

EPRA has announced an increase in the price of Super Petrol, reduction in Diesel cost

The price of Super Petrol has increased by Kshs 0.72 per litre in the latest Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) review. The price of Diesel however has decreased by KShs 2.18 per litre, while the Kerosene price remains unchanged. The price of Super Petrol in Nairobi is now Kshs 107.27 per litre, Diesel is Kshs 92.91 per litre and Kerosene costs Kshs 83.73 per litre.

The prices are effective from 15th October to 14th November. In a statement, EPRA said the price of Kerosene remains unchanged since no cargo was discharged at the port of Mombasa between 10th September 2020 and 9th October 2020 which is the pricing period defined by legal notice no. 26 of 2012.

The changes in other prices are as a consequence of the average landed cost of imported Super Petrol increasing by 1.12% from US$ 327.69 per cubic metre in August 2020 to US$ 331.37 per cubic metre in September 2020 and Diesel decreasing by 5.42% from US$ 329.88 per cubic metre to US$ 311.99 per cubic metre.

The fuel prices in some major towns in Western Counties are as follows; In Kakamega Super Petrol will retail at Kshs 107.93 per litre, Diesel at Kshs 93.81 and Kerosene at Kshs 84.65. In Mumias Super Petrol will retail at Kshs 108.21, Diesel at Kshs 94.09 and Kerosene at Kshs 84.93. In Malaba Super Petrol will retail at Kshs 109.06, Diesel will retail at Kshs 94.93 and Kerosene at Kshs 85.77.

In Bungoma, Super Petrol will cost Kshs 108.65, Diesel will cost Kshs 94.53 and Kerosene will retail at Kshs 85.37. In Webuye Super Petrol will cost at Kshs 108.31, Diesel will cost Kshs 94.20 and Kerosene will cost 85.04. In Kitale, Super Petrol will cost Kshs 108.25, Diesel will cost Kshs 94.13 and Kerosene will cost Kshs 84.97