Pokot leaders want surveyors to ascertain the Pokot-Turkana border

West Pokot Governor John Lonyangapuo
West Pokot Governor John Lonyangapuo

West Pokot Governor John Lonyangapuo and Kapenguria MP Samuel Moroto have asked the national government to send surveyors to identify beacons that were erected during the colonial period and determine the West Pokot and Turkana border to shun animosity between the two communities in the respective Counties.

This comes even as more than ten deaths have been reported, property destroyed and residents displaced in the area since the year started following conflicts on the boundary among the Pokot and Turkana communities.

Speaking at Kanyarkwat Girls School, West Pokot Governor Lonyangapuo observed that land conflict is the major cause of the worsening insecurity in Pokot and Turkana Counties. He has urged the government to survey and demarcate the border between the two Counties along the Turkwel River where insecurity has worsened. “We want to see how it will be after the boundary issue is resolved,” he said, adding that the survey will cut down insecurity cases by half. He further reiterated that the Pokot community has no problem with Turkana community living on their land because they are living all over the County.

Kapenguria MP Moroto also urged the government to define the administrative boundary between the two Counties, “The government should be bold enough and state the official position regarding the boundary dispute and proceed to enforce the same,” said Moroto.

He faulted the national government for failing to provide security along the borders of the two communities. He also criticized the elders and leaders from Turkana County for moving to court saying it was better to seek dialogue for the two communities to reconcile. “They have been tarnishing the image of our County for nothing and inciting their people that we have their land,” said Moroto.