Pokot leaders want Governor Lonyangapuo’s security reinstated

West Pokot Governor John Lonyangapuo
West Pokot Governor John Lonyangapuo

West Pokot former councils have issued a 24 hours ultimatum to the government to reinstate security detail of the area Governor John Lonyangapuo. Speaking to press after holding a meeting to discuss various issues affecting the County, the over 300 former councils said that it was wrong for the government to remain mum on the issue and yet the Governor didn’t do anything wrong.

The councils led by former Kapenguria Mayor Jacob Samuli that it was wrong for the government to ignore the governor’s security detail for almost a month.

They said they will plan major demonstrations in the entire County if their pleas are not adhered to and that they will hire youths to protect their Governor if the state doesn’t restore the security with the 24 hours.

For the past three weeks, Governor John Lonyangapuo has been operating without security after the state withdrew his security at his residence and personal.

The security detail was withdrawn after the Governor stormed a roadblock to free a boda boda rider who had been arrested and handcuffed to his motorcycle by police officers who were manning a roadblock along the Kitale-Lodwar highway.

Kitale High Court ordered his security officers to be immediately reinstated after they were withdrawn but up to date, the order has not been honoured.

The councils also asked the President to reshuffle his Cabinet and transfer Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i from the security docket to education. “Matiang’i is unable to manage security docket he did well when he was in charge of the Ministry of Education, he needs to be sent back to the docket since he is well acquainted with it,” said Jacob Samuli.

Samuli asked the president to accord their leader his constitutional rights since they accorded his father Mzee Jomo Kenyatta the help he needed at his testing time. “We never harmed his father when he was detained at the now Kapenguria museum. This is the time the President should extend his generosity to the Pokot community,” said Samuli.

Emmanuel Kapelingor said the move by the state to withdraw the Governor’s security poses a great danger to the security of the entire County. “The Governor has been on the forefront to restore peace along our borders. If the state wants our people to continue staying in peace it should immediately return the security detail,” he said.

The councils said that they have been waiting for over three weeks to see which action the state will take but they are amazed that the government is not acting.

They said that if anything happens to their leader who is also the Pokot community spokesperson they will blame the government. “Our Governor was installed to be our spokesperson by elders in Tiaty constituency and the government should accord him the respect and his constitutional rights,” said James Tepaluk.