Pokot MCAs fault Marakwet leaders over alleged incitement on Kerio Valley insecurity.

West Pokot Governor John Lonyangapuo
West Pokot Governor John Lonyangapuo

Several West Pokot county assembly MCAs have faulted Marakwet leaders for what they alleged to be incitement on the ongoing insecurity issue along the borders of the two communities.

They appealed to leaders from the Marakwet community to stop  inciting residents in the conflict and banditry zone by few criminals that might spill over to peace loving residents along the border.

The MCAs expressed  concern over  that the recent utterances made by the Elgeyo Marakwet County  women representative Jane Chebaibai and a section of members of County assembly from Elgeyo Marakwet that they termed inciteful and could cause animosity among locals living along the border of the two counties.

They called on the security agencies to take action against the leaders by investigating their utterances intention to the people of the two counties.

This comes as insecurity continues to hit many areas in the North Rift region where many lives have been lost.More than fifty people have lost their lives in the insecurity prone region for the last three months in Kerio Valley causing tension, displacement and development projects in the area stall and learning paralyzed.

The leaders urged the government to employ dialogue in restoring peace among warring communities in the North Rift region saying the government should come up with possible solutions that will help end.

MCAs led by Lomut ward representative Jacob Toong’ole, the leaders urged their Marakwet counterparts to shun away from any hate messages that lead to conflicts with its neighbours who are battling over border disputes as well as cattle rustling.

“We are worried over the recent exchange of words and insults  by leaders from neighbouring communities in the North Rift region because  the move will destabilize  relative peace witnessed in the region,” said Mr Toong’ole.

The MCAs said they were tired of killings and raids along the Pokot- Marakwet  border point.

He said that the region need a special DC promised by the Interior Cabinet Secretary Dr. Fred Matiangi and police camps at Sokotow, Chesegon and Dira areas.

He added that in his ward the suspected Marakwet bandits have resorted to felling down mango trees which is the main economic activity for residents living at the border and also burning of grazing fields.

Toongole  added that he sees biasness in handling security along the troubled Pokot, Marakwet border where one side has been given more security and National Police reservists.

Masol MCA Ariong’o Loporna called for peaceful coexistence adding that the Pokot side has voluntarily handed over illegal guns and government should carry out disarmament in the region where he said frequent killings were unwarranted.

Nominated MCA Josephine Cheprum said that they are saddened by the loss of lives and destruction of property along the volatile border yet the national government and international community remained silent. She urged the government to arrest the insecurity situation and restore peace to enable residents to participate in national development.

Mnagei  ward MCA Benjamin Araule called on leaders to unite the two communities .

MCA Nancy Chombir defended the area Governor over  saying that has done enough in restoring peace in the region.

The MCAs called on the government to ensure that all schools in the troubled region are opened and learning resumes.