Pokot professionals insecurity concerns on Pokot, Turkana border

A fresh surge of insecurity has once again plagued the Counties of the North Rift region
A fresh surge of insecurity has once again plagued the Counties of the North Rift region

Professionals from West Pokot County have raised concern over the persistent insecurity incidents happening at Turkwel belt along the West Pokot and Turkana Counties. This comes after two schools; Kour and Takaywa were closed while others are on the verge of closure.

Development projects funded by the County and national governments like Turwel irrigation project along the border have been affected. For the last few months, the area has witnessed frequent banditry and cattle rustling activities where more than ten lives have been lost since the year started.

This has derailed development, caused displacement; schools shut down and instilled fear among locals who have migrated from the area. Civil servants working in the area say they are living in fear because of perennial attacks witnessed and they are unable to discharge duties in the area.

The professionals have asked the government to address the insecurity challenges that have caused havoc in the area. They’ve faulted the government for the failure to curb the insecurity in the area.

Led by Moses Kodeny, they said retention and enrollment in schools has drastically reduced, “It is disheartening and cumbersome to discharge duties in the area. We have been preaching peace but our leaders have not reciprocated the same,” he said.

They accused security officers for failing to nab the perpetrators of crime along the border of the two Counties.

The professionals accused security organs of laxity, not ending the escalating killings and failure to arrest the culprits wreaking havoc along the border of the two Counties. “We are saddened by the rampant killings in the area. This should come to an end and we want the government to walk the talk,” said Kodeny, “Children are not in school and residents are sleeping in caves and bushes.”

Pokot North Sub County ward administrator Mr. Hillary Sirimoi called on scholars and elected leaders from both Counties to champion peace efforts by preaching peace. He called on government and Turkana leaders to be proactive over the security lapse in the area.