Police engage locals after man found dead at a Butula AP camp

The officer's house that was set ablaze by locals
The officer's house that was set ablaze by locals

Police officers engaged members of the public in running battles for several hours on Saturday after administration police attached to Malambisia AP camp were accused of killing a suspect from the area.

It forced the officers at Malambisia to call for reinforcement from Nambale and Butula to disperse members of the public and remove the body of the suspect from a room he died in allegedly due to torture.

Malsham Wafula, 20, a bodaboda operator was arrested at 4am Saturday morning by three police officers who were accompanied by a man who was accusing him of having love affair with his daughter.

His family members say they followed him but were chased away by the officers who started beating him while in the home,

“In the morning we went there to give him clothes because they took him away when he was totally naked but the officers told us that we could not see him.”

Later in the morning they discovered that he had died while handcuffed on the window of a room with a curtain wrapped around his neck to suggest that he had hanged himself, “How could he hang himself when he had been handcuffed?”

It’s then that alarm was raised attracting members of the pubic who went at the camp and thwarted efforts by the police officers at the camp to remove the body.

Reinforcement from Nambale and Butula enabled the officers to remove the body and evacuate armory and a few of their belongings before they sped off leaving members of the public with wrath which they directed to the house the officers were living in, setting it ablaze.

They then went to the home of the man who had accused the operator of having an affair with his daughter leading to his arrest, and razed down all his five houses, two grass thatched and three iron sheet houses.

The locals have decried of increased insecurity in the area despite the camp being there, and strongly condemned the current killing,

“This area has become very insecure. We have police officers ere but the only thing they are good at is harassing us and collecting money from women who brew chang’aa but when you raise them when you have been attacked they don’t respond.”

Recently a watchman was killed by unknown people at Elugulu market a few meters from here but so far nobody has been arrested in connection to the killing,

“We call upon the national government to come on the ground and investigate these incidences and bring to book those found guilty.”