Police IG nominee vows to lead police service with integrity if appointed

Police IG nominee Hillary Mutyambai during vetting in parliament
Police IG nominee Hillary Mutyambai during vetting in parliament

Nominated Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai has said he’ll lead the National Police Service by example, with integrity and a lack of compromise, to rid the service of corruption. Appearing before the House Joint Committee on Security at parliament, Mutyambai acknowledged the fact that graft has been present in the police service, and that his predecessors have had to deal with it. He said he must lead with integrity, so that those under him may come to grips with the war on corruption. However, he said he won’t victimize anybody and would start his relations on a cleans late, “I would treat each and every police officer as a good officer.” He said afterwards, he’ll identify where the rot is and deal with it, albeit guided by the constitution. The Assistant Director at the National Intelligence Service (NIS) and Counter Terrorism expert affirmed that himself, he has a high level of integrity.

On the problem of human rights violations by police officers and extra-judicial killings, he said he is aware of the accusations levelled against police officers. He said to deal with that, he’ll be guided by the constitution and the rule of law, “The law is very clear on the way and the circumstances when a police officer is justified to use a gun,” he said. He added that if the law is violated in this regard and officers are found culpable, action will be taken, insisting that no one in the whole Police Service is above the law, “The law will take its course.”

Mutyambai said on police reforms, he’ll apply change management to bring police officers together, after the changing of the command structures countrywide announced by President Uhuru Kenyatta last year and the merging of the Kenya Police Service and Administration police to the General Duty Police. “Changes are always not received positively by everybody within an organization, the losers will always be complaining, the winners will always be happy,” he said, “If this Committee affirms my nomination I’ll apply change management to bring everybody on board. I believe am capable to do this.” If approved, Mutyamabi, who was picked by President Kenyatta, will replace IG Joseph Boinnet, whose 4-year-term ended on March 11th, and was subsequently named the Chief Administrative Secretary at the Tourism Ministry.