Police in Nandi impounded over 100 cartons of illicit brews


Police officers in Nandi nabbed over one hundred cartons of illicit spirits after carrying out an intensive raid in Kapsabet town.

Speaking to West Media Limited at Kapsabet police station, Emgwen Deputy county commissioner Mr George Matundura said they received information from an informer  about the illegal business and the security personnel together with the National government and administration officers raided a store near Kapsabet slaughter house and managed to recover over Six thousand sachets of illicit liquors.

Matundura cited to have recovered 22 cartons of Simba Waragi, 75 cartons with no labels, 6 cartons of spiritual magic and 24 cartons of Gitoko vodka.

“We found out that there were fake seals for Idakho, Simba Waragi and Gitoko illegal spirits and in total we have recovered 6,600 sachets of Simba Waragi, 240 for magical spirits, 1 carton for Idakho which is eleven bottles and another 1500 bottles not labeled” Matundura said.

He said they have arrested one suspect who is being locked up at Kapsabet police station thus is urging the public to look out and inform them because the illicit spirits are in the market and should be vigilant.

The Deputy commissioner asked the manufacturers to be vigilant and make a follow up whenever they deliver their products because their seals are imitated by cartels so should be alert.

In 2014 over Twenty people in Nandi lost their lives through consumption of illicit liquors leaving many of them sightless.