Investigations ongoing concerning attack on Kalonzo’s residence, says Owino

Wiper and NASA leadera Kalonzo Musyoka
Wiper and NASA leadera Kalonzo Musyoka

Police are still carrying out investigations to ascertain the cause and real events surrounding the attack on NASA co-principal Kalonzo Musyoka. Investigations are ongoing after a stun grenade was hurled at Kalonzo’s residence in Karen around 2 am in the night, hours after NASA leader Raila Odinga took an oath os the people’s president at Uhuru Park. Police spokesperson Charles Owino said they had received information concerning the sequence of events and bomb experts had already been called to the scene.

While addressing the press at Kalonzo Musyoka’s residence on Wednesday, he urged Kenyans with any information to share with the police. “It’s a volatile time because of the political situation, and there are bound to be many allegations and fears,” he said, “I request the members of the public to try and help the police with any possible information they have because most times the police are never present. We have neighbours with CCTV cameras and we’ll be able to get much more information.”

According to the spokesperson, two vehicles approached the compound about 1:15 am, before they hurled a stun grenade, and further reports indicate there were gunshots before they sped off, though no injuries were reported, “Fortunately, there were about three guards from cobra security company and a patrol car opposite the compound, upon checking they managed to recover the grenade pin and a live bullet,” said Owino. officers from Nairobi area and Hardy police station were mobilized including the Karen OCPD.However, he said the grenade used was a stun grenade, which doesn’t cause much damage compared to a disintegrating hand grenade which can kill and even clear bushes.