Police officer and ACC arrested over shooting in Kacheliba.


Police officers in Kacheliba West Pokot County have arrested a police officer and an Assistant County Commissioner after they shot a woman at Kacheliba trading centre on Monday 6.00 am.

According to West Pokot County Police Commander, Peter Kattam  the incident was reported by a village elder who said a police officer by the name Isaac Oshome shot a barmaid at liquid bar over a quarrel.

“The information gathered from the scene is that today at 6.00am the Assistant County Commissioner Kongelai Division Moses  Ekisa aged 36 and Isaac Oshome of Kongelai police post who was armed with an AK 47 rifle serial number 5426948 loaded with 30 rounds of ammunition went to liquid bar and awoke the bar maid namely Miriam Nelimo  Luya.” Said Kattam.

Kattam further explained that the two wanted the female adult aged 28 to sell them beer.

“The said bar maid opened the door and they both got into the bar. The ACC, who is said to be having a relationship with the said barmaid picked a quarrel with the barmaid who was in the company of another man suspected to be her lover.” He said.

Kattam said commotion arose between the four  which escalated to outside the bar that is when police officer Oshome shot the barmaid  and caused her serious abdominal injury.

He said the ammunition entered her body through the lower abdomen and exited through her left buttock leaving her with injuries.

“After the incident both the ACC and police officer ran away using the ACC’s motor vehicle registration number KBL 794N Toyota fielder.” He said.

Kattam said the lady was rushed to Kacheliba Sub County hospital where she was treated and referred to Kapenguria County hospital in a serious condition.

“Both the ACC and police officers have been arrested, the AK 47 rifle and 29 rounds of ammunition taken as exhibits.” He said.

He said the two are in police custody waiting to be taken to court.