Political leaders and top officials in government cautioned on misuse of their powers

Nandi Governor Stephen Sang
Nandi Governor Stephen Sang

Nandi Governor Stephen Sang has cautioned all politicians and top state government officials against misusing their powers. Sang asked them to exercise their democratic rights without being misused or influenced to cause any breach of the law as it has been witnessed in various parts of the country. 

“Politics is a dirty game and every politician should walk on his lane without stumbling on another’s path” He affirmed. 
He accused the security agencies for allowing themselves to be misused politically saying that they should be independent in their work and discharge their duties without any biasness. 

“Security apparatus should work to protect the rights of every citizen irrespective of their political differences and stands.” He added. 
The governor insisted that if what was witnessed during the recently concluded by-elections is allowed to continue, then the country will be moving in the wrong direction thus asked the NCIC and other bodies to intervene and take stringent actions against the perpetrators. 

“The perpetrators should be held accountable for their deeds so that the country does not plunge into difficulties in the next coming general elections. ” The governor claimed. 

The country is facing a political heat out from different politicians which has led to deep political differences within political leaders.