Political leaders urged to exercise dignity and respect themselves.


Political leaders from across the nation have been called upon to exercise dignity among themselves and uphold peace for the nation’s prosperity and development. 

Nandi Kaburwo council of elders chair Mr Benjamin Kitur and his counterpart from Terik council of elders Mr. John Bor have appealed to leaders to ensure they respect each other irrespective of their political differences in order to move the country forward.

The Duo revealed that the political heat in the country is very high to an extent that some of the leaders have decided to utter insults even in the funerals, a situation which poses a bad image to Kenyans and the nation at large thus the vice should come to an end immediately. 

They cited that leaders irrespective of their party affiliations should lead as an example to Kenyans by doing what is right always and spearheading peaceful co-existence for the betterment of our country. 

They have called upon the president of the republic of Kenya His Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta to unite the nation and ensure peace prevails ahead of the 2022 general elections. 
“We want our president to dialogue with all the leaders from across the country and ensure peaceful co-existence of Kenyans,” they added. 

The Two were speaking in Kapsabet where they call upon leaders to respect themselves and work together as a team irrespective of their political sides so as to take forward this nation. 

“We don’t want to hear politicians fighting themselves in funerals as it portrays a bad image to the nation.” They demanded. 

The Two leaders also appealed to the clergy to avoid allowing politics dominate in church and funerals instead they want them ban any political talks in these two functions.