Political parties are not personal entities, says Osotsi on ANC

Nominated MP Godfrey Osotsi
Nominated MP Godfrey Osotsi

Nominated MP Godfrey Osotsi has called out the ANC party leadership, saying parties are not personal entities and shouldn’t be used as such. He has said in other parties, party members have freedom of speech and are allowed to speak out but he has faced different circumstances at ANC. Speaking to West FM, the nominated MP stood by his stand that the term of the party leaders ends on Monday 15th June, “Since ANC was registered, they’ve never had party elections.” He had caused a stir last week when he pointed out that the terms of party leaders from Musalia Mudavadi to leaders at the grassroots culminates in Monday, and he insisted the party constitution states so.

He said the party should’ve sent a letter to the Registrar of Political Parties and asked for more time before they hold elections if there are challenges, but the leaders haven’t done that yet. “Some people who are saying they are the members and leaders of ANC, don’t hold such positions and they aren’t even registered as party members. Let’s have elections and give members the chance to have elections,” he said. He added that if nothing changes in regard to the party elections, they’ll let the law takes its course. He said Mudavadi hasn’t been available to have talks with him on the direction of the party and that he has received bad political advice given by his confidants concerning people who speak against his style of leadership.

On his position as a party official, he said he held the position of secretary general and he would’ve been responsible for signing the letter to the RPP, but that position was relinquished. He said the party tried to expel him and even though he got reprieve from the Political Parties Disputes Tribunal, party leaders appealed at the High Court and he had to relinquish the position to Barack Muluka, “Now I’m just a party member and every month I give my money to the party, it’s called a subscription. Every month they take my money, they’ve never told me they don’t want my money.”