Politicians told to preach peace

Bungoma North Sub County commissioner Mr. Philip Koima
Bungoma North Sub County commissioner Mr. Philip Koima

Bungoma North Sub County Commissioner Mr. Philip Koima has cautioned some politicians who have the tendency of inciting the community that their days are numbered.

Addressing residents in Mukuyuni village, Milima ward in Tongaren Constituency, Mr. Koima said that some of politicians from Bungoma County have perfected the art of using youths to disrupt meetings of their opponents by cheering them in funerals and jeering opponents are raised the red flag that whoever will be found will be act as an example to others who have similar behavior and could be barred from contesting.

He appealed to all politicians especially the candidates to preach peace and exercise sobriety and sell their agenda to the voters without causing chaos or infringing other people’s right.

“Politics come and go but our neighborhood will remain, we will still retain our friendship and therefore one event should not make us enemies because we will still need each other after 9th August let’s keep peace at all times,” said  Koima.

He said the security operatives in the Sub County and in the entire County are alert and will try to maintain peace but asked the residents to cooperate with them so that they can uproot any person who would want to interfere with their peaceful coexistence the community has been experiencing for many years.

He added that they are going to map out all black spots and deal with any law breaker.