Politicians urged to be tolerant for the sake of development

Ben Chekwanda speaking at Mwikhupo village in Tongaren constituency
Ben Chekwanda speaking at Mwikhupo village in Tongaren constituency

Leaders and politicians from the Western region and especially in Bungoma County have been urged to slow their political rhetoric and practise tolerance for the sake of development. According to politician Ben Chekwanda, who vied for the Tongaren constituency seat and lost to Dr. Eseli Simiyu, daily politicking and blame games being witnessed from Western region leaders is hampering development to the detriment of common mwananchi.

Addressing mourners in Mwikhupo village, Soysambu-Mitua ward in Tongaren constituency, he said that it saddens Kenyans to see leaders, especially elected leaders, immersed in supremacy politics instead of delivering their mandate. He urged leaders from Bungoma County to work together for the sake of development and set a good example for young upcoming leaders by offering direction to the Mulembe community.

He further urged Western leaders to take the August census seriously, saying it will be vital when it comes to determining the resources’ allocation the Counties of the former Western province will receive from the national government. He urged family heads to ensure all their family members are counted, saying if the allocated resources are well utilized, there can be job creation, thus cushioning the burden for jobless youths.

He further revealed that has given Dr. Eseli time to deliver his promises and it will be in bad faith for him to start campaigning now but instead, he’ll help the Tongaren MP where necessary and wait for his chance in 2022 to make another stab on the same seat. He said he’ll use the available means to support some of the programs without undermining the legislature.