Residents still worried about possible Turkwel dam overflow after multiple warnings

The Turkwel dam

Hundreds of residents living along the Turkwel River are still living in fear after an alert was released concerning the increased water level at Turkwel dam, coming on the back of other warnings of impending water overflow.
The report indicates the water level in mid October is at 1147.72 metres which is 8.48 metres higher than the highest reached level leaving only a capacity of 2.28 metres for water to spill over.

The continuous rainfall has instilled fear among locals as they want the government to evacuate them to safer places before waters overflow.
The alert notified the communities living downstream along the Turkwel River of impending floods if the dam spills, with more than 300,000 residents at risk.
“Residents of Katilu, Kalemnyang, Loyapat, Nakwomoru, Lodwar and settlements along the shores of lake Turkana will be displaced,” stated the alert, adding that roads and the Turkwel irrigation scheme may also be affected.
However, some of the locals said in the past years they have been facing insecurity challenges due to banditry attacks but the increase of water levels in the dam has brought new concerns since they had diverted to farming. “We used to battle with our neighbors from Turkana, we lost lives and we decided to move closer to the dam so that we can look for an alternative way of earning a living through fishing and farming,” said Lokadio Ekidor.

One of the locals, Moses Lokor said most of men were killed in clashes and since security stability resumed in the area they had embarked on farming activities along the Turkwel River.
He said some of the crops they had planted ready for harvesting have already been sub merged in water as they count loses.
“We can’t move and we don’t know where we are going to settle. Where are our leaders, they are silent and haven’t us where to move to. I had two acres of maize planted already but as I speak the maize farm has been overrun with water,” he said.