Preparation of chapati & health benefits of wheat


Preparation of chapati & health benefits of wheat

The health benefits of wheat and the advantages of eating chapati may not be known to many. There is enough evidence that claims that wheat is good to a person’s health.

Wheat among many other things can decrease the risk of cardio-vascular issues as it contains less amount of fat.

Below are some health benefits of wheat.

Nutritional value: Wheat contains essential nutrients like vitamin B&E, copper, iodide, zinc, manganese, silicon, arsenic, chlorine, sulfur, potassium, magnesium, calcium and mineral salts. Therefore, even one wheat chapatti can do wonders for your body.

Healthy Skin: Chapattis contain zinc and other minerals which are healthy for the skin.

Better Digestion: Chapattis are easily digestible, which makes them a healthier choice than rice.


Source of Carbohydrates: Chapattis are a good source of carbohydrates and can offer sustained energy levels.

Reduces constipation: Rich in fiber, chapattis are a must in every individual’s diet, especially those who suffer from indigestion and constipation troubles.

Now knowing why you should include chapati in your diet, here is how to prepare chapatis.


1 kg all purpose flour

2 ½ cups milk


Cooking oil


Add flour to a large bowl add salt and a little oil. Mix well.

Add milk little by little and mix to form smooth but not too hard nor too soft dough (the dough should not be stick to the hands).

Knead the dough roughly until ready

Cut the dough into a handful and form a ball. Make balls with the entire dough and place them on a floured tray or surface.

Sprinkle flour onto a rolling board or flat working surface. Taking one ball of dough at a time, roll them using a rolling pin to a circular shape.

Brush the circular chapati with oil on top evenly.  At the side that faces you, start folding and rolling the oiled chapati with both hands as if you are rolling a rode away from your direction.

Once you have a shape that looks like a rope, create a coil like shape, make a coiled ball and with your palm, press the ball down to make it flat, with a rolling pin make a circular shape again.

Repeat the same to all the balls.

Cover the prepared balls with a clean piece of cloth or paper for 30 minutes.

After the 30 minutes, Place a frying pan or heavy bottomed skillet on heat and warm it. In the meantime, take one dough and roll out on a floured rolling board or flat working surface. Spread it into a circular shape.

Place your frying pan on a medium heat and transfer the rolled out dough onto it Cook for about two minutes then turn the other side before rubbing a little oil evenly and fry each side until its golden brown

Cook for a minute then remove from heat. Repeat the procedure for the remaining dough.