Banks urged to play role in nurturing and empowering youths

President Kenyatta graced the commissioning of the 2018 KCB2jiajiri programme. (PHOTO/PSCU)
President Kenyatta graced the commissioning of the 2018 KCB2jiajiri programme. (PHOTO/PSCU)

President Uhuru Kenyatta has said he’ll look to bring on board banking institutions to help nurture and develop young minds in the country. Speaking at the Safaricom Indoor Arena at Kasarani during the commissioning of the KCB2jiajiri programme class of 2018, President Kenyatta lauded KCB Foundation’s programme that seeks to empower the youth, saying it shows other banks that it’s possible to invest in the youths. He said he’ll lead the way in engaging other banks, and that they must help in developing and growing the country by extending affordable loans in a clear manner. “It’s quite evident and clear we can invest in our young people without necessarily asking them for title deeds to secure their loans,” he said, adding that they can bank on the technical skills and experience they’ve imparted in them, “That’s the way to build a nation.”

He also urged banks to invest in the skills of the youths, train and expose them and give them capital to be able to grow their businesses, “By doing so we’ll be able to grow Kenya,” he said. With thousands of youths present at Kasarani, many entrepreneurial innovations were also on display, including innovative agricultural practices like hydroponic farming and agri-produce aggregation. President Kenyatta adviced the youths not to be quick to make money and later regret some of their actions which were prompted by shortcuts, and that being a successful entrepreneur involves more than money, “Being dedicated to what you do and providing good service at the right price and moving away from the culture in Kenya of tenderpreneurs to entrepreneurs,” he stated.

He urged those who were under the KCB 2jiajiri programme to take advantage of the skills they had learnt to make money and to employ their colleagues from across the country, “Do it in the right way through hard work, then you’ll have something to be proud of and stand up to,” said the President.