President Kenyatta accused of promoting impunity.

Aldai Mp Hon Cornelius Serem in Kobujoi (file photo)
Aldai Mp Hon Cornelius Serem in Kobujoi (file photo)

Aldai Member of Parliament Hon Cornelius Serem has criticized the President of the Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta for going against the rule of law alleging that he has failed to comply with his constitutional mandate.

Addressing the public during the tour in his constituency, Serem cited that since the president assumed office in 2013, he has not been complying with his constitutional mandate which has recently put the judiciary together with the executive in war over contravention of the law.

The legislator revealed that the recent court declarations that termed the appointment of heads of government parastatals and the Building Bridges Initiative unconstitutional is a clear indication of a failed system of governance urging him to respect the rule of law and conduct his mandate constitutionally.

He cited that the judiciary is independent and has no vendetta with the President thus the court rulings that found the executives were prior made to indicate how the President should rule within the legal provisions as provided by the constitution.

He added that no one should interpret that the judiciary is in war or revenge mission to undermine the President rather than defending the fundamental law of governing/ruling the country at large.

On matters politics, the legislator noted that the fallout of the President with his Deputy led to the ouster of perceived Deputy President’s allies from the ruling party thus has found a new party which will accommodate them all for the next coming general elections.

“I want to urge everyone to join UDA party as it is a party of everybody which brings on board everyone including youths, PWD’ s, women and all people,” he affirmed.

He added that the UDA party registrations are currently ongoing in Nandi and already the public has felt the importance of the party.