CSs can quit if they aren’t ready to work, says President Kenyatta

President Kenyatta has been lauded for his stance on corruption. (PHOTO/PSCU)
President Kenyatta has been lauded for his stance on corruption. (PHOTO/PSCU)

President Uhuru Kenyatta has issued a stern warning to Cabinet Secretaries, whose focus may be shifted from the government’s development agenda to politics, saying they are free to quit if they can’t serve Kenyans. Speaking at Kitengela on Thursday evening on his way to Arusha, Tanzania, to attend the EAC summit which starts on Friday, President Kenyatta said his government is a government which will fulfill the pledges made to Kenyans. He urged Kenyans to unite and do away with divisive narratives form leaders.

The Head of State had earlier chaired a Cabinet meeting earlier that day, and he reiterated the message he had given the Cabinet Secretaries, “I’ve told them if they ain’t ready to serve Kenyans and their priority is politics, then turn back, I have many young Kenyans who are ready to serve Kenya,” he said, amidst cheers from the residents. He said the government’s task is to work, “They should come here to Kitengela and ask you what problems you are facing and as the government we’ll help you..not to bring politics which won’t help anyone,” he affirmed.

He said the message he’ll table at the EAC summit to other East African nations in Arusha is a unity message, “We want to go and tell our friends, that our aim is to unite as East African nations, we want to do business together…we’ll tell them we can’t build the economy if we are divided,” he said.

The Cabinet meeting at State House, Nairobi, was the first chaired by the President this year, and the meeting approved the establishment of a Counter Improvised Explosive Device Centre at Embakasi Garrison, Nairobi. They also discussed and agreed the hosting of the 23rd session of Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), World Health Organization (WHO) Coordinating Committee meeting for Africa in Nairobi from 2nd to 6th September this year.