President Kenyatta defends BBI;faults critics, naysayers

President Uhuru Kenyatta launching the Phase 2A of the SGR at the Nairobi terminus. Photo/PSCU
President Uhuru Kenyatta launching the Phase 2A of the SGR at the Nairobi terminus. Photo/PSCU

President Uhuru Kenyatta has defended the Building Bridges Initiative, and rubbished claims that the he is targeting a position proposed by the team in the future. Speaking to Kenyans while heading to commission the JKIA to Westlands Expressway, President Kenyatta said he doesn’t want another leadership stint. “They are saying that through the BBI, Uhuru wants a position…I don’t want a position, I’m tired,” he said.

He affirmed that the BBI is there to establish peaceful solutions by ensuring no more blood is shed due to persistent conflicts, “Don’t be lied to, love your country, love and respect yourselves.” He urged Kenyans to live in peace and unity and shun divisive politics. He noted that some politicians are busy fueling disagreements, adding that Kenyans shouldn’t accept to be used by politicians to advance their agendas. “Don’t be used by politicians to wage fights, I told you when a politician wants to clash two groups in order to get votes, tell him to front his kids first.”

He cited the handshake with Raila Odinga, as an example of peaceful living, despite once standing on opposite ends. Moreover, the President, accompanied by First Lady Margaret Kenyatta launched the Phase 2A of the SGR that stretches from Nairobi to Suswa. The leaders made a stopover at the Ongata Rongai terminus, where the Head of State faulted critics of the government.

He said critics were busy pointing fingers and unpacking the SGR project, but progress has been made so far. “I want to assure you, the remaining part will be completed….because we know that railway equates to development, and we know that development will be seen even at Ongata Rongai.” He said critics should continue criticizing while the government keeps on working, “We know that we shall transform Kenya and Kenya is transforming,” he said. He said critics also blasted the progress of devolution, noting that the road hasn’t been smooth but it won’t deter them from moving forward.