President Kenyatta foresees signing of a declaration to end FGM

President Uhuru Kenyatta in Samburu

President Uhuru Kenyatta yesterday Friday 5th during the signing of a declaration by Samburu elders to end FGM and early marriages said, girls can only be empowered and be respectable people in the society through ending such cultural practices. The president was in Samburu county on a one-day working tour when he did foresee the signing of the declaration.

“If we want to achieve our national goals, we have to change and offer our girls opportunities in education to excel,” said President Uhuru.

“If you look around the world, women are holding influential positions and we don’t want to be left behind because of retrogressive cultural activities.”

The president went ahead to urge the communities involved in such cultural practices to drop them and seek alternative practices.

“I know it is possible for our girls to go through alternative rites of passage without suffering,” he added.

The head of state went ahead to breakdown the importance of educating the girls and pleaded with the Samburu community to give both their boys and girls equal opportunities in life among them education.

He also drummed up BBI in the county which seeks to foresee funding the counties in order to develop them as he encouraged the residents to vote for the law in the anticipated referendum which will, in turn, benefit the common mwananchi.

“We want to continue building our nation and we have come to an understanding that the only way to develop is to increase funding to the counties,” claimed said.

“This will ensure that wananchi won’t have to wait for the national Government to approve the kind of projects they need,” he added.

 The president also stated that him and other leaders have come together to initiate a process that will foresee equal opportunities for girls like anyone else.