Media urged to focus on positive criticism and reporting

President Kenyatta faulted the Kenyan media for persisting in negative reporting
President Kenyatta faulted the Kenyan media for persisting in negative reporting

The Kenyan media’s role was put on the spot by President Uhuru Kenyatta, who faulted the fourth estate for unfair reporting that focuses on complaints and the negative aspects the country, missing the bulk of developments and good things that take place behind the scenes. Speaking at a stakeholders’ breakfast at State House that brought together business leaders from the World Bank, IBM Africa and other business heads, President Kenyatta lauded the efforts made in the past four years to ensure Kenya’s rank in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business report improved from position 80 last year to 61 this year, a fete and efforts that had gone unnoticed.

“I just want to thank everybody for the role they have played in the last four years in helping us achieve this wonderful result, it may seem nothing but without a doubt its a reflection of a lot of hard work that has been done by a good number of well meaning Kenyan men and women together with the support of our partners I’ve just mentioned,” he said. “Whereas we expect more we must appreciate what has been done, unfortunately as I’ve said sometimes it’s very frustrating when all you can do is hear about complaints especially from our fourth estate and there is never anything good.”

He added that there are many Kenyans who are doing a lot to benefit the nation. He further reiterated that the government isn’t afraid of being challenged, as long as the facts are set right, “Let us be positive about our country let us criticize positively with a view of getting solutions not of highlighting divisions and bringing animosity.”