President Kenyatta stresses the need to have Constitutional changes

President Uhuru Kenyatta speaking at State House during the 57th Madaraka day commemoration. Photo/PSCU

President Uhuru Kenyatta has said the time has come to improve on the 2010 Constitution in order to create inclusivity and change the political structure in Kenya. Speaking at State House during the Madaraka day event on Monday, President Kenyatta recalled that the Constitution is not an end in itself, and that it’s a living document and if certain historical aspects remain, they become a cancer that must be removed or they’ll cause more harm.

Talk has been rife on an impending referendum to change the political structure in Kenya, with leaders in the political divide calling for changes which may be the end result of the BBI. President Kenyatta said he is thankful that he had the chance to usher the country through elements of the 2010 Constitution, but a new opportunity has presented itself to make right what was wrong in the 2010 Constitution. “We cannot reimagine our nationhood without changing the political architecture and we cannot change this architecture without re-engineering our Constitution,” he said.

He cited moments in the past where changes were made to pave the way for better gains, including multi-party system, adding that changes need to be made to allow for inclusiveness. “We must not be afraid of changing this system if it does not serve our present purpose,” he affirmed.