President tells off politicking leaders; tells them to find other weekend activities

President Uhuru Kenyatta
President Uhuru Kenyatta

President Uhuru Kenyatta has faulted leaders who are busy politicking, criticizing the war on graft and efforts to unite Kenyans. Speaking during the launch of the 2nd Africa Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) Country Report at State House, he said other nations in Africa know the problems facing Kenya including graft and leaders should work together in a bid to bring Kenyans together and achieve the set targets. “There is no political intention of hurting this person or fighting that person,” he said, adding that leaders should stop politicizing nothing, “This is a challenge we have as a country and as a people and we can only address it together….find something else to do on weekends my brothers and sisters.”

He said corruption has been identified as a major stumbling block toward Kenya achieving prosperity, equality and becoming a middle income country. Following attacks by a certain section of leaders levelled towards the DCI, the Head of State said agencies should be given the space to carry out their mandate, “Let us allow the agencies to do their work. Let us not turn this into community fights, into individual fights..we must deal with corruption.”

He said the issue of graft needs to be dealt with to protect resources and ensure they get to the areas they should be going to. He told politicians that answers won’t be found at funerals and weddings, but they’ll arise from talks aimed at solving the challenges. The APRM is functional in African Union countries, and is a self-monitoring mechanism, with the aim of encouraging conformity in the political, economic sectors and corporate governance values, codes and standards. It’s also in place to ensure monitoring and evaluation of AU agenda 2063 and SDGs 2030.