President Uhuru asked to retire peacefully & allow Kenyans exercise their democratic right.

Nandi Governor Stephen Sang with church leaders
Nandi Governor Stephen Sang with church leaders

Nandi political leadership and the clergy have asked the President of the Republic of Kenya His Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta to retire peacefully and allow Kenyans to exercise their democratic right of choosing their next President in the coming August general elections without interference.

Led by Nandi governor Stephen Sang and church Bishops in the region, they called upon the President to finish his term and exit without endorsing his successor.
“We want to tell our President to retire in peace and stop pushing for his succession.” They affirmed.
They cited that the President is a symbol of National unity and he should not be partial on National matters, instead should be neutral.
“Trying to manage his succession race by pushing and swaying Kenyans is totally wrong and unacceptable thus he should put it to a halt.” They lamented.
Speaking during a church function in Nandi South, the leaders asked Uhuru to be impartial and finish his term successfully without compromising the democratic rights of Kenyans in pushing for his successor.
They told him off to leave Kenyans decide who their next President will be and stop pushing for Azimio la Umoja which is his project saying Kenyans are tired of being pushed always.