Protect and empower a woman in the society

Rebecca Masibayi addressing the press
Rebecca Masibayi addressing the press

Women are the most vulnerable people in society and need empowerment plus close attention with a lasting solution to their problems following their experiences and their day to day hustles to make ends meet.

Speaking to West FM, Bungoma Woman Representative aspirant Rebecca Masibayi says that women undergo lots of constraints especially during their day to day activities encounter domestic violence from brutal husbands, suffer rape cases and carrying all the household chores while some of their men ignore their families and suffer.

She said when elected as Bungoma’s Woman Representative during the August 9th polls despite representing all gender she has women interests at heart and will make sure they are well protected.

She says women suffer rape cases, torture psychologically, brutal husbands, intimidation and sometimes isolation and assured that such cases will be given guiding and counseling plus needed medication especially those with rape cases and get a fair trial on their cases.

Masibayi was optimistic she will make sure women get loans to boost their businesses to avoid depending on men.

The hopeful Masibayi has also urged other leaders in the country to observe peace as the country heads to the General Elections citing that Kenya is bigger than an individual.

Any leader who engages in social vices should be dealt with properly to serve as an example to other unruly and rowdy leaders who use youths and boda boda riders in public gatherings to heckle other leaders and go untouched while the country is put at ransom.

Being an educationalist she has urged parents to take advantage of the bursaries and scholarships offered to take their children to schools.